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Learn R For Data Science Theory and Application

Download R For Data Science free in PDF. In this notes you will learn how to use R language. R is a language that provides statistical and graphical techniques. in this PDF notes you will learn R tools and technologies and learn how to use it to perform tasks. R is an interesting language you learn its brief introduction in this notes.

In this notes you will learn data visualization with ggplot2. You will learn how to use it step by step its common problem and facets. In this notes you will learn its basic workflow about coding and its calling  functions. In this notes you will learn that how to use data transformation with dplyr. This PDF notes is very useful and helpful for developers, researchers and those who interested in R language and wants to improve their skills in R. By this PDF notes you will create effective code to get result faster. You will understand its concept easily and you can download this PDF notes from here.

You Learn These Topic From This Notes:

 Exploratory Data Analysis

 Workflow: Projects

 Tibbles With Tibble

 Data Import With Readr

 Tidy Data With Tidyr

 Relational Data With dplyr

String With Stringr

 Factor With Forcats

 Dates and Times With Lubridates

 Pipes With Magrittr



 Iteration With Purrr

 Model Basics With Modelr

 Model Building

 Many Models With Purrr and Broom

 R Markdown

 Graphics For Communication With ggplot2

 R Markdown Formats

 R Markdown Workflow

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