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Learn Deep Learning with Keras Step by Step for Beginner’s Guide

Free Download Deep Learning with Keras Course in PDF. Deep Learning is the machine learning type to train computer to act like human naturally. Deep learning is an important study subject in research nowadays. In this Course you’ll learn Deep Learning Introduction deeply and learn its basic techniques. This notes is very useful for beginners. You’ll learn in this notes that how deep learning different from machine learning. This notes help you correctly beginning your deep learning journey.

In this notes you’ll learn basic techniques and methodology of deep learning. This notes is very helpful for students, researchers and others who interested in deep learning. You’ll easily download this course free from here.

You’ll Cover These Topics in This Notes:


Learn Deeper into Deep learning

Learn about Neural Network

Learn RNN Sequence for Sequence Model

Learn Reinforcement Deep Learning

Building Deep Learning Model with Keras

Learn Multi- Level Perceptron Network Models

Learn Model Layers

Learn Model Compilation

Learn Model Training

Learn Activation Function for Neural Network

Learn Sigmoid Activation Function

Learn Mnist Handwritten Recognition

Learn Neural Network Model for Multi Class Classification Problem

Learn Neural Network Model with Scikit Learn

Learn Recurrent Neural Network

Learn Word Embedding

Applying Dropout

Learn Natural Language Processing with Recurrent Neural Network


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