Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Famous Artificial Intelligence Application in the world

How the top five main applications of artificial intelligence working


Artificial intelligence is the method that how a computer or a device under human control like robot or a software think intelligently in the same way like humans. Ai is the study of human behavior how  human brain think and take decisions take things from the environment and then using these outcomes on the software and developing intelligent robotic devices. The main point of artificial intelligence is to associates with the human intelligence like a machine works like a how a human think how a human manage the problems how a human solve the difficult tasks by themselves.

Top five AI applications in the world:

  • AI in social media
  • AI in robotics
  • AI in gaming
  • AI in human resources
  • AI in healthcare


  1. AI in social media:

Ai is the main component of popular social media. Ai in short tells the marketer how to perform their work. There are following points that done under using Ai.

  • Create social media posts.
  • Checking out what posts work best using advanced analytics.
  • Inform social media strategy.
  • Measuring the brand and trends across each social media channel
  • Works on social ads.
  • Decrease social media management time.
  • Decrease costs overall platforms.
  • Conduct the social media monitoring on every moment.
  1. AI in robotics:


Artificial intelligence performs a huge task in robotics because robots developed through AI and machine learning. Artificial intelligence not only works on the learn the model and perform any job or task but it also help in following functions.

  • Computer vision
  • Motion control
  • Grasping the objects
  • Maintain data to understand physical and logistical data
  1. AI in gaming

Artificial intelligence mostly used in video games. It is used as to produce responsive and adaptive, intelligent behavior like a human. In games artificial intelligence not as much visible to the users because it is used in data mining

  • Ai developed virtual platform for gaming
  • Delivered realistic environment to play
  • Virtual reality for playing battle against one to another
  1. AI in human resources

Ai performs a major role in HR. In HR taking better decision from international researches only because of using AI. The main point of using artificial intelligence is to combine the both human and technology. Ai in HR is used to increase the value of through the optimization of process in combination between human mind and human empathy. These following points get from AI and HR:

  • Predict and diagnose
  • Research from international research
  • Integrations of HR
  1. AI in healthcare:

The healthcare in the world of AI is very complex word.AI can supports the fastest service or analyzing the issues diagnose the real facts, identify genetic information. Artificial intelligence simplifies the lives of patients doctors and every person from the hospital by performing the tasks which is performed by humans but now we can get all the work by robotics in efficient way. Robotics performs the same work in less time and more efficiently because robots are feeling less and only focused on what is feed in it.



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