Top 10 Big Data Analytics Tools


Data Analytics is that the method of analyzing datasets to draw results which is based on the premise of data they get. It is well and most liked in business industries. It is the scientists and researchers to form a additional conversant business call and to verify theories and the models and hypothesis.

  1. Integrate input output

Integrate input out put is a main tool used in big data analytics which may be a knowledge of Warehouse Integration Platform designed for e commerce all type of work. Integrate input output is the tool which helps e commerce corporations build a client 360 view which is most important part of generating one supply of truth for data driven decisions and it is all depends up customer insights through higher operational insights. It is also used for the balance and increasing ROI.

There are some Features of this tool

  1. Powerful and the low code data transformation offering.
  2. Pull in data from any source that incorporates a RestAPI. If no RestAPI exists in this all then you will be able to produce your own with Integrate input output API Generator.
  3. Send data to databases and the using on perm and the big data warehouses which is maybe using the NetSuite and Salesforce.
  4. Integrate input output connects to any or all major E-commerce suppliers its all depends on the situation and the condition like Shopify and the NetSuite and the Big Commerce and Magento.
  5. Meet all compliance necessities with security measures like as field level and ground level knowledge encryption and it is the SOC II certification and this is the GDPR compliance and data masking. Integrate input output prioritizes client support and customer feedback.


  1. Atlas.ti tool

Atlas.ti is all in one analysis software. This massive knowledge analytic tool provides segments in one access to the complete vary of platforms. It have all the point which you will be able to use it for qualitative data analysis and mixed strategies research in academic and the market and user expertise research.


  1. You will be able to export information on every supply of data. Which makes the tool and user both efficient
  2. It offers an integrated manner of operating along with your data. The data become the secure part in it
  3. It enabled you to rename a Code within the Margin space and it is also Helps you to handle comes that contain thousands of documents and coded data segments.
  4. It is also Supported platforms are the Mac and the Windows and the Web and the all Mobile App


  1. Analytics

Analytics could be a tool that has visual analysis and dash boarding. It permits you to attach multiple information sources and the all as well as business applications and all type of databases and the main cloud drives and more.


  1. Offers visual analysis and dash boarding.
  2. It helps you to research data in depth. Provides cooperative review and analysis.
  3. You will be able to insert reports to websites and the applications and the blogs and more.

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