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Think Stats Probability And Statistics For Programmer Research Based PDF Notes

Download Think Stats Probability and Statistics for Programmer in PDF. This notes is very useful and helpful for programmers, by this notes you’ll learn about statistics of large dataset. If you are interested in python and know about python language you will easily understand its concept. By this notes you will run your program and get result faster and understand it easily. You’ll easily solve errors and bugs. The programmers get more information from this PDF notes.

This notes is for developer, researchers and student. By this notes you’ll make your project effective and better. In this notes you’ll learn about statistical thinking for programmers for statistical approach and learn how to perform operations. You’ll learn in this notes about descriptive statistic in it. In descriptive statistic you’ll learn means and Averages, Variance, Distribution, Representing Histogram, Plotting Histogram, representing PMFs, Plotting PMFs, Outliers. The example codes are given in this notes for more practicing. You can download this notes free.

Key Features:

Cumulative Distribution System

Continuous Distribution



Operations and Distributions

Hypotheses Testing




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