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Table Tennis Ball & Points Detection Using Python

In This Tutorial You will Learn About Table Tennis Ball & Points Detection Using Python OpenCv & Artificial Intelligence Analytics . With the help of this System you will be able to Detect Ball and Auto Calculate Points while Players playing Game.This system will Detect Real-time Movement of  Running Ball. System can Detect Falling ball in Any Player Side and add Point in point Table. You can Download Source code for Practice.

System Design With 

  • Python .
  • Artificial Intelligence .
  • AI Analytics.
  • Computer Vision


In this Era Gaming Competition is top of the mark. Every team want to Win the game so for this purpose Coaches trying to Get find some week point  of opposite Team or Player. This will help to win the Game. This system will help Coach to See how player playing find some good points and week points . This computer vision Based system work in Three ways

First Gather Data With the Help of High Resolution Camera. With the Deep learning system can get Low level Data on the game with 98 % Accuracy level .produced insights and reasoned score updates just in matches time and automatically delivered video replays of the most spectacular highlights of matches.

Main Features of This System

Detect ball Movement

Detect Player / Country / Team

Detect Player Movement

Count and auto Detect Points while Falling Ball

Detect Full Fast Peace Ball

Detect Table

Detect Table Size according Table tennis Rules

Download Code 

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