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Real World Python Solving Problems With Code

Download free Real World Python in PDF. If you’ll learned the basis of coding in python, you’re ready to write complete programs that take on real world task. This notes is immensely better for his effort. You’ll solve real world problem using sophisticated computer version, machine learning, data analysis and language processing tools.

You’ll be introduce important module like OpenCV, NumPy, Pandas, NLTK, Bokeh, Beautiful Soup, Requests, Holoviews, turtle, matplotlib and more, you’ll create complete working programs and think through intriguing projects.

You Learn These Topics From This Notes: 

1.Saving Shipwrecked Sailors with Bayes Rules 

  • Search and Resource
  • The Strategy
  • Installing the Python Libraries
  • The Bayes Code

2. Attributing Authorship with Stylometry 

  • The Hound, The War, The Lost World
  • The Strategy
  • Installing NLTK
  • The Corpora

3. Summarizing Speeches with Natural Language Processes 

  • I Have a Dream … Summarize Speeches!
  • The Strategy
  • Web Scraping
  • The ” I Have a Dream” Code

4. Sending Super Secret Messages with a Book Cipher 

  • The One Time Pad
  • The Digital Key to Rebeca
  • The Strategy
  • The Encryption Code

5. Finding Pluto 

  • Replicating a Blink Comparator
  • The Strategy
  • The Data
  • The Blink Comparator Code

6. Wining the Moon Race with Apollo 8

  • To The Moon with Apollo 8
  • Using the Turtle Module
  • The Strategy
  • The Apollo 8 Return Code

7. Selecting Martian Landing Sites 

  • Selecting Martian Landing Sites 
  • The Strategy
  • The Site Selector Code
  • Results

8. Detecting Distant Exoplants 

  • Simulating and Exoplanet Transits
  • The Strategy
  • The Transit Code

9. Identify Friend or Foe 

  • Programing a Robot Sentry Gun
  • The Strategy
  • The Code
  • Results

10. Restricting Access with Face Recognition 

  • Restricting Access to the Alien Artifact
  • The Strategy
  • Supporting Module and Files
  • The Video Capture Code

11. Creating an Interactive Zombie Escape Map

  • Visualization Population Density with a Choropleth Map
  • The Strategy
  • Python Data Analysis Library

12. Are We Living in a Computer Simulation

  • Life, The Universe and Yertle Pond
  • The Pond Simulation Code
  • Implication Of a Code Simulation
  • The Strategy

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