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Python Artificial Intelligence Projects For Beginners

Download Python Artificial Intelligence Project for Beginners free in PDF. Artificial intelligence is the newest emerging and disruptive technology among varied businesses, industries and sectors. This notes demonstrate AI project in python covering modern technique that make up the world  of AI.

This notes begin with building your first prediction model using the popular python libraries, scikit learn. You will understand how to build a classifier using effective machine learning techniques. You will also understand deep learning and a neural network mechanism through these projects. By this notes you’ll be confident to build your own AI projects with python.

This notes is for python developer who wants to take their first step in the word of Artificial intelligence using easy to follow projects. Basic working knowledge of python programming is expected so that you can play around with the code.

You Learn These Topics From This Notes: 

1.Building Your Own Prediction Model

  • Classification Overview and Evaluation Technique
  • Evaluation
  • Decisions Trees
  • Common APIs for Scikit Learn Classifiers

2. Prediction with Random Forest

  • Random Forest
  • Usage of Random Forest
  • Predicting Bird spaces with Random Forest
  • Making a Confusion Matrix  for the Data

3. Applications for Comment Classification

  • Text Classification
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Bag of Words
  • Detecting YouTube Comment Spam

4. Neural Networks

  • Understanding Neural Networks
  • Feed Forward Neural Networks
  • Identifying the genre of a Song with Neural Networks
  • Revising the Spam Detectors to Use Neural Networks

5. Deep Learning

  • Deep Learning Methods
  • Convolution and Pooling
  • Identifying Handwritten Mathematical Symbol with CNNs
  • Revisiting the Birds Species Identifiers to Use Images

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