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Practical Artificial intelligence on Google Platform PDF Notes

Download Practical AI on the Google Cloud Platform in PDF free. This is very interesting and amazing notes. In this notes you’ll learn how to use AI cloud services. By this notes you’ll learn how to use the system in a best and easy way. In this notes you’ll learn the concept of AI machine learning and deep learning.

This Practical guide teach you how to use google cloud platform. You’ll easily understand Google cloud platform if you are interested in python language or math and machine learning. By this practical notes you’ll also learn how to build AI agent applications. This is very helpful notes and you can practice this by code examples.



In this notes you will learn data science and deep learning. Data science is a field that is use for algorithms, scientific methods processes, operations to perform good operations. Deep learning is like artificial intelligence, it is basically a function of AI to process the data to make decisions. In this notes you will learn about its performance and classification. You’ll learn in this notes how AI work on Google cloud Platform. You can download this PDF notes easily from here.

Key Features:

Classification with Logistic Regression

Data Discovery and Preparation

Preparing Data

The Basics of Deep Learning

Understanding How Networks Learn

Network Capacity

AI Services on GPC

Google Colab Notebook

The Cloud Shell

Managing Cloud Data

AutoML Tables


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