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Machine Learning Technical Strategies in the Era of Deep Learning

Download free Machine Learning Yearning in PDF. Machine learning is the application of artificial intelligence. its focus on development of computer programs that can access the data. In this notes you’ll learn how to build machine learning systems that make practical decisions. You’ll learn how to use machine learning strategies and how to build machine learning algorithms. You’ll learn in this notes how to make effective machine learning projects.

In this notes you’ll learn machine learning deep learning techniques to build effective project. You’ll learn in this notes how to define human level performance and how to analysis the data. This notes is useful and helpful for students, developers, programmers and those who wants to learn machine learning and deep learning. By this note you can find and remove errors. By this notes you can discovers creative ideas from yourself. By given examples you can clear your all concepts easily and you can download this PDF notes free.

Key Features:

Optimizing and Satisficing  Matrics

Scale Drive Machine Learning Progress

Build Your First System Quickly, then Iterate

Evaluating Multiple Ideas in Parallel During Error Analysis

Cleaning Up Mislabeled dev and test set Examples

Bias and Variance tradeoffs

Techniques for Reducing Avoidable Bias

Error Analysis on Training Sets

Plotting Training Errors

Techniques for Reducing Variance

Interpreting Learning Curves: High Bias

Weighting Data

Generalizing from the Training sets to the dev set

Addressing Data Mismatch

Artificial Data Synthesis

The Optimization Verification Sets

The Rise of end-to-end Learning

More end-to-end Learning Examples

Directly Learning rich Outputs

Error Analysis by Parts

Attribute Error to One Part

General Case of Error Attribution

Spotting a Flawed ML Pipeline



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