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Machine Learning For Image ,Audio & Video Analysis Reached Based Theory and Applications

Free Download Machine Learning for Audio ,images and Video Analysis in PDF. It is a advance information and knowledge processing .  It’s playing important role in business ,science and technology. This advance information system evolved to provide easy assess human and information technology within community.The notes in this series have focus media and information processing. Its focus on applications and techniques. This Machine Learning Course Will Help you To Learn From beginners


You will Learn Theses Topics From This Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Audio, Acquisition, Representation and Storage
  • Linear Quantization
  • Nonuniform scalar Quantization
  • Image and Video Acquisition, Representation and Storage
  • Human Color Perception
  • Video Principles
  • Machine Learning
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Bayesian Theory of Decision
  • Clustering Method
  • Foundation of Statistical Learning and Model Selection
  • Supervised Neural Networks and Ensemble Methods
  • Kernel Methods
  • Markovian Models for Sequential Data
  •  Feature Extraction Method And Manifold Learning Methods.
  • Speech and Handwriting Recognition
  • Automatic Face Recognition
  • Video Segmentation and Key-frame  Extraction
  • Real-Time Hand Pose Recognition
  • Automatic Personality Perception

All topics are cover in theses notes. This book is very useful for the students, researchers and anybody who is interested in machine learning or related subjects.

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