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Learn Practical Machine Learning With H2O PDF Notes

Free Download Practical Machine Learning with H2O in PDF. H2O is a software that is use to build a scalable artificial intelligence  models and applications. In this PDF notes you’ll learn that how to perform machine learning and deep learning techniques with H2O. This practical notes help you  how H2O software can help you to explore modern machine learning techniques.

This notes is useful for developer, researchers and engineers to explore their skills in machine learning and data science. You can easily use and understand H2O software. You’ll learn that how to use deep learning techniques by using of H2O. You can easily download this PDF notes free from here.

By this notes you can Install tools for training and practicing of coding. In this notes all examples are given in python and R language so you most be install one of them in your system. You can be install R, Python and java for practicing and learning. In this notes you learn that how much memory require in cluster and how much data set you can save in it and manipulate the data.

By this practical guide you learn that how get the data into H2O and learn how you can install these tools with H2O. This practical guide introduce you three data sets for building an energy and efficiency .In each data set , football score, modeling and hand written digit there built  scripts to load them. In this practical note there is some key concepts supported metrics, validation scoring , effort , checkpoints, early stopping and data weighting.

Key Features:

Random Forests

Gradient Boosting Machine

Linear Models

Deep Learning (Neural Nets)

Everything Else

Epilogue: Didn’t They All Do Well

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