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Learn MATLAB Deep Learning With Machine Learning Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence

Download free MATLAB Deep Learning in PDF. deep learning is the technology that led its wave of intelligence. Deep learning is so popular that you can find material about it virtually anywhere. This notes hoping that readers can study this subject without the kind of difficulty.

This notes written for two kinds of readers. The first type of reader is one who plan to study deep learning in a systematic approach for further research and development. This reader should read all the contents from beginning to end. The other kind of reader is one who wants more in depth information about deep learning that what can be obtain from magazine or newspapers, yet doesn’t want to study formally. These reader can skip the example code and briefly go over the explanation of the concept.

You Learn These Topic From This Notes: 

1. Machine Learning 

  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Challenges with Machine Learning
  • Overfitting
  • Types of Machine Learning

2. Neural Network

  • Nodes of a Neural Network
  • Layers of Neural Network
  • Supervised Learning of Neural Network
  • Training of a Single Layer Neural Network
  • SGD, Batch and Mini Batch

3. Training of Multi Layer Neural Network

  • Back Propagation Algorithm
  • Example: Back Propagation
  • Cost Function and Learning Rule
  • Cross Entropy Function
  • Example: Cross Entropy Function

4. Neural Network and Classification

  • Binary Classification
  • Multiclass Classification
  • Example: Multiclass Classification

5. Deep Learning

  • Improvement of the Deep Neural Network
  • Vanishing Gradient
  • Overfitting
  • Computational Load
  • ReLU Function

6. Convolution Neural Network 

  • Architecture of ConvNet
  • Convolution Layer
  • Pooling Layer
  • Example: MNIST

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