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Learn Machine Learning With Scikit Learn & TensorFlow

Download Machine Learning with Scikit Learn & Tensor Flow free in PDF. In this notes you’ll learn how to use tools and technologies in machine learning to build a system. This practical notes teach you that how to uses these tools and technology for effective data application. This notes is very interesting to learn machine learning.

This notes is for anyone who wants to learn about deep learning or machine learning to enhance their skills and it’s for programmers, researchers and developer also. By this notes you will make effective. efficient and intelligent system. In this notes you’ll learn to to use techniques and technologies for effective and capable system. This PDF notes provide you examples for practicing to clear your concepts easily.

This notes divided into two parts:

  • The Fundamentals of Machine Learnings
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning

In the first part of this notes you will learn about machine learning , its types, quality of data , testing and validation of data. in this notes you’ll also learn machine learning algorithms to make machine learning projects. You’ll learn how you can visualize and discover data in machine learning. This notes is very interesting for learners. You learn classification of data in this notes. You can easily analyze errors in it.

In the second part of this notes you will learn about deep learning, you’ll learn how you can optimize the data faster in deep neural net. You can make or create an effective project by using of machine learning and deep learning concepts. By learning this notes you can clear your concepts and easily understand it from given examples. You download this notes free in PDF.

Key Features:

Support Vector Machine

Decision Trees

Ensemble Learning and Random forests

Dimensionality Reduction

Up and Running with Tensor Flow

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

Training Deep Neural Nets

Distributing Tensor Flow Across Devices and Server

Convolutional Neural Networks

Recurrent Neural Network

Auto Encoders

Reinforcement Learning

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