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Learn Linux Command Line from Scratch

Download The Linux Command Line in PDF for free. This is an amazing notes for new Linux users. You’ll learn the immortal aptitudes given down by eras of gray-bearded, mouse-shunning masters: record route, environment arrangement, command chaining, design coordinating with normal expressions, and more. In this notes you’ll learn how to make and erase records, registries, and symlinks Regulate your framework, counting organizing, bundle establishment, and handle administration Utilize standard input and yield, redirection, and pipelines Alter records with Vi.

In this practical guide you’ll learn how to perform tasks using Linux step by step. In this notes you’ll learn Linux brief introduction. This notes are awesome for beginners to use Linux step by step. You can understand its concepts by given examples. You can Download this notes from here.

This Notes Divided into Four Parts:   

  • Learning the Shell
  • Configuration and the Environment
  • Common Tasks and Essential Tools
  • Writing Shell Script

You Cover These Topics:

What is the Shell


Exploring the System

Manipulating the Files and Directories

Working with Commands


Seeing the World as the Shell See It

Advanced Keyboard Tricks



The Environment

A Gentle Introduction to Via

Customizing the Prompts

Package Management

Storage Media


Searching for Files

Archiving and Backup

Regular Expression

Text Processing

Formatting Output


Compiling Program

Writing Your First Script

Starting a Project

Top-Down Design

Flow Control Branching with If


Positional Parameters

String and Numbers




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