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Learn Linux Bash Step by Step

Download Shell Scripting free PDF notes. A shell script could be a computer program planned to be run by the Unix shell, a command-line mediator. The different tongues of shell scripts are considered to be scripting dialect. With this Practical notes offers a collection of shell scripting formulas that can be utilized as is or effortlessly adjusted for an assortment of situations or circumstances.

This awesome notes are very helpful and useful for readers, developer and programmers. This notes help you to solve real world problems. You can understand its concepts by the given examples and codes. You download this notes from here.

You Cover These Topics:

The History of Unix, GNU and Linux

Getting Started


Wildcard Expansion

Conditional Execution

Follow Control Using Loop

Variables Continued

Functions and Libraries



Choosing and Using Shell

File Manipulation

Text Manipulation

Tools for System Administration

Shell Features

System Administration


Data Storage and Retrievals




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