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Learn Artificial Intelligence Techniques For Game Programming

Free Download Artificial Intelligence Technique for Game Programming  in PDF. This notes teach you how to make better games. In this notes you’ll learn how you can marge the techniques in your own game. This is very helpful notes for game developer and researchers to explore their game by using of genetic algorithm and neural network. This Practical guide teach you that how you can make your product different and effective to others.

By this notes you’ll learn how to develop or build a interesting and smarter game. This notes is for anyone who intersted in artificial intelligence. There is given example for practicing. This PDF notes clear your concept and you will understand it easily. You will download this PDF notes free.


This notes divided into three parts:

  • Window Programing
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Neural Network

In the first part of this notes you will learn about window programing and learn how to create a back buffer. you will make your first window program in it. You can create powerful game by using of dialog box, Using resources and add some functionalities in menu. You can make attractive games By using of artificial intelligence.

In second part of this notes you learn about introduction of genetic algorithm , its working and its operations. In this notes you learn that how operations perform and how you can build a better genetic algorithm by using artificial algorithm. You learn this notes about selection techniques and scaling techniques to make effective game. In the third part of this notes you learn about neural network. By this effective notes you can make smarter games for desktop and mobiles.

Key Features:

1. In the Beginning there was a Word and the Word was Window

2. Further Adventures with Window Programing

3. An Introduction to Genetic Algorithm

4. Permutation Encoding and the Traveling Salesman Problem

5. Building a Better Genetic Algorithm

6. Moon Landing Made Easy

7. Neural Network in Plain English

8. Giving Your Bot Senses

9. A Supervised Training Approach

10. Real Time Evolution

11. Evolving Neural Network Topology

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