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Learn Artificial Intelligence on Fashion Textile PDF Notes

Download Artificial Intelligence in Fashion textile free in PDF. Artificial intelligence is the ability of computer to control robots to perform task like humans and think like a human. In this notes you’ll learn how artificial intelligence work on fashion textile industries.  In this notes you will learn about techniques if the state art and AI applications for textile and fashion industries. You’ll learn the techniques to make AI applications to introduce many designs on it for the demand of customers and you can handle the the problems of fashion sales and fashion and textile imager recognition etc.

This notes is for developers, researchers and those who interested in artificial intelligence applications. In this notes you will learn how industries use artificial intelligence applications for fashion and textile. You can design clothes for the demand of customers. This PDF notes is very useful and effective and you can easily understand its concept . you can download this notes free from here

You cover theses Topics:

Clothing Recommendation System Based on Expert Knowledge

Intelligent Cashmere/Wool Classification with convolution Neural Network

Everybody Immersive Fashion Human Computer Interaction in VR

Fabric Defect Detection Based on Faster RCNN

Woven Light: An Investigation of Woven Photonic Textile

Spare Discriminant Principle Component Analysis

Challenges in Knitted E- Textile

Fiber Identification Using Convolution Neural Network

The CF+TF-IDF TV Program Recommendation

Fashion Outfit Style Retrieval Based on  Hashing Method

Surprise Locality Preserving Hashing

Co-designing Interactive Textile for Multisensory Environment

Parametric Stitching Co-designing with Machines

Traps in Multisource Heterogeneous Big Data Processing

Fashion Meets AI Technologies

Fabric Defect Detection with Cartoon Texture Decomposition

Optimal Gabor Filtering for the Inspection of Striped Fabric

Complex Textile Products and Reducing Consumer Waste


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