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Learn Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Download Artificial Intelligence in Cyber security free in PDF. In the cyber security domain, AI based techniques can  provide better cyber defense tools and help adversaries improve method of attack. Cyber security involves the devising of defense strategies that preserve computing resources, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access, change or destruction.

This notes present and demonstrate popular and successful AI approaches and model that you can adapt to detect potential attacks and protect your corporate system. This notes you will be ready to develop intelligent system that can detect unusual and suspicious pattern and attacks

You Learn These Topics From This Notes:


2. Research Methodology

3. The Impact of AI on Cyber Security

  • The positive Use of AI
  • Drawback and Limitation of Using AI

4. AI Methodology of Cyber Security

  • Learning Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Methods
  • Deep Learning Methods
  • Bio-Inspire Computation Method

5. AI Based Approaches for Defending Against Cyberspace Attack

  • Malware Identification
  • Instruction Detection
  • Phishing and Spam Detection
  • Other: Counter APTs and Identify DGAs

6. The Nefarious Use of AI

  • AI and Autonomy Intelligent Threads
  • AI Powered Malware
  • AI Used in Social Engineering Attacks
  • AI as a Tool for Attacking AI models

7. Challenges and Open Research Direction

  •  Challenges
  • Open Research Direction

8. Discussion

9. Conclusion

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