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Learn Artificial Intelligence from Scratch

Download Artificial Intelligence free in PDF file. Artificial Intelligence is the regeneration of human intelligence forms by machines, particularly computer systems. Artificial Intelligence is one of the maximum hastily evolving topics in the computing/engineering curriculum, with an emphasis on developing sensible programs from hybrid techniques. In this practical guide you’ll learn about knowledge based intelligent systems.

This Practical guide teach you that how to use Intelligent machines or systems. In this practical guide you’ll learn artificial intelligence brief history. In this notes you’ll also learn its basic probabilities This notes are very useful and helpful for beginners and those who interested to learn about artificial intelligence. You can easily clear your concept by this guide. Download this PDF notes free.

You Learn These Topics:

Introduction to Knowledge Based Intelligence Systems

Intelligent Machine and What Machine Can Do?

Rule Based Expert Systems

Rules as a Knowledge Representation Technique

Conflict Resolution

Fundamental Characteristics of an Expert Systems

Structure of a Rule Based Expert System

Uncertainty Management in Rule Based Expert System

Basic Probability Theory

Bayesian Reasoning

Bias of the Bayesian Method

Fuzzy Expert System

Fuzzy Sets

Operation of Fuzzy Sets

Fuzzy Rules

Fuzzy Inference

Frame Based Expert System

Inheritance in Frame Based System

Methods and Demons

Artificial Neural Networks

The Hopfield Network

The Perceptron

Multiplayer Neural Network

Evolutionary Computation

Simulation of Neural Evolution

Evolution Strategies

Genetic Programming

Hybrid Intelligent System

Neural Expert Systems

Nero Fuzzy System

Evolutionary Neural Networks

Knowledge engineering and Data Mining

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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