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Learn Artificial Intelligence And Big Data With these Notes

Download Learn Artificial Intelligence And Big Data With these Notes. We see this as an opportunity to make sure those in the sector are appropriately qualified to assess and take these aspects into account as big data and artificial intelligence become more and more integrated into the investing process.

A large portion of this activity is still in its infancy across our sector. Our commitment to presenting the viewpoints of investing professionals—which are so frequently overlooked in favor of the technical details of how the technology operates—sets our study on these topics apart. However, we are aware that when it comes time to apply these theories, the hard work begins. The collective experiences of early adopters are especially helpful to the industry as a whole when it comes to implementing new technology.

This manual was created with a specific target audience and goals in mind:

  • Provide an overview of the topic and establish strategic directions for the senior management team and board members who are in charge of creating and implementing their companies’ AI and big data plans.
  • Assist knowledge engineers in investment firms’ teams that are in charge of big data and AI initiatives in project selection.
  • Assist technology and investment specialists operating in T-shaped teams in comprehending the implementation specifics and project backgrounds.
  • Assist regulators in keeping up with industry advancements so they may more easily formulate policies.
  • Assisting students and their instructors in being ready for a future in investment teams or regulatory organizations.

Following topics will be covered from these notes

Machine Learning and Data Science Applications in Investment

On Machine Learning Application in Investment

Natural Language Understanding and Generation: Investment Applications

Extracting Text Based Insights: A hands-On Guides

Trading with Machine Learning and Big Data

Support for Big Data Trade Processing and Machine Learning

ChatBot, Knowledge Graphs and Ai Infrastructure

Intelligent Customer Service in Finance



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