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Fluent Python PDF Notes

Download Fluent Python free in PDF. Python is very easy learn powerful programming language. Python is easy to learn and easy to use language. Many programmers leverage only a fraction on its powerful features. You can easily understand python, and you can create a effective code.

In this notes you’ll learn how to make a effective and high scalable code  and get result faster form using of python. By this notes, Python programmers will from this notes learn how to become proficient in python 3. In this notes you learn about python data model and this practical guide teach you that how special methods are used in it. How you represent string in python . In this PDF notes you’ll learn basic of python its syntax and how to use its tool.

This practical guide teach you techniques to solve problems and design a effective code. This notes is very helpful for beginners, programmers, students and those who interested to lean python and need to improve python skills. You can make efficient and effective code by this notes. In this notes there is given some example code for practicing. You download this notes free.

Key features:

1. Text Versus Bytes

2. First Class Functions

3. Design Patterns with First Class Functions

4. Function Decorators and Closures

5. Object Reference Mutability and Recycling

6. A Pythonic Object

7. Sequence Hacking, Hashing and Slicing

8. Interface From Protocol to ABCs

9. Inheritance: For Good or for Worse

10. Operator Overloading: Doing it Right

11 Iterables, Iterators and Generators

12. Context Manager and Else Book

13. Coroutnies

14. Concurrency with Futures

15. Concurrency with Asyncio

16. Dynamic Attributes and Properties

17. Attributes Description

18. Class Metaprogramming

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