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Data Science From Scratch with Principle For Beginners

Free Download Principle of Data Science in PDF. In this Practical Guide you’ll learn complete concepts of Data Science. Data Science is the method of utilizing progressed analytics to extract important data from information to businesses decision making and other employments. You’ll Learn its techniques and methodology in this practical guide. You’ll learn how to arrange unstructured data and learn about machine learning models. You’ll learn in this notes supervised and unsupervised learning with examples.

This is an awesome notes for the readers, it is helpful for programmers, researchers and developers. In this notes you’ll learn all Data Science concepts step by step. You can clear all your concepts by this notes. You can download this PDF file free of cost.



You Cover These Topics From This Notes:

What is Data Science?

The Data Science Venn Diagram

Types of Data Science

Structured VS Unstructured Data

The Five Steps of Data Science

Overview of the Five Steps

Explore the Data

Basic Mathematics

Linear Algebra

Impossible and Improbable A Gentle Introduction of Probability

Compound Events

Advanced Probability

Random Variables

Sampling Data

The Empirical Rule

Advance Statistics

Point Estimates

Sampling Distribution

Confidence Intervals

Communicating Data

What is Machine Learning?

Types of Machine Learning

Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Decision Trees

Unsupervised Learning

Beyond the Essential

Neural Networks

Case Studies





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