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Data Science for Beginners from Scratch PDF Notes

Download free PDF course Introduction to Data Science. In this PDF course you’ll learn the concepts, techniques and application in data science. This PDF notes focus on data analysis, statistics of machine learning and graph analysis techniques. This notes is very interesting and very helpful for beginners and the students. This notes help the students for their projects. In this notes you’ll learn the brief introduction of data science and learn why use python language in data science.

This PDF notes teach you that how to use python language in data science. You’ll learn about different python libraries and learn how to use it. You can clear your python concepts easily and practice codes by code examples. You can easily download this PDF course free of cost.

You Can Cover These Topics:

Learn Introduction to Data Science

Learn Why use Python?

Learn Fundamental Python Libraries for Data Science

Learn Descriptive Statistics

Learn Data Preparation


Learn Statistical Interface

Measuring the Variability in Estimates

Learn Supervised Learning

Learning Curves

Learn Training, Validation and Test

Learn about Two Learning Models

Learn Regression Analysis

Learn about Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Unsupervised Learning

Learn about Clustering

Learn Network Analysis

Learn Basic Definition in Graph

Community Detection

Learn about Recommender System

Learn How Do Recommender System Work?

Statistical Natural Language Processing for Sentiment Analysis

Learn Data Cleaning

Learn Text Representation

Learn Parallel Computing

Multicore Programming

Learn Distributed Computing


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