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Artificial Intelligence Project Vehicle Detection And Counting Based On Computer Vision

In this tutorial you will learn Vehicle Detection and Counting using Artificial Intelligence. By the help of this System you will be able to detect vehicle and counting system. Vehicle Detection and Counting System can be used to detect vehicle and controlling and monitoring the traffic. It also manage and control the speed of vehicle.   Download the source code for practice. This System have Capacity to Detect Vehicle with Accuracy Level 97% .

System Design with:

  • Python
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision


The traffic is a big problem and serious issue in many cities around the world.  The vehicle detection and counting system plays an  important role to manage traffic. In this system it used background subtraction technique to find the foreground objects in the sequence of videos.

To moving the vehicle there is several computer vision techniques, thresholding, hole filling, and adaptive morphology operations. Then applied to moving vehicles more correctly and exactly . Use of the virtual detection vehicle counting system and tracking is conducting.

Flow Chart


Main Features:

Python 3.7


Intel (R) core i5(1.7-2.4 GHZ) CPU



Download Code

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